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About Us

It's one thing to think of a creative idea, but to transform that idea into a practical financial reality is entirely a different matter.

Battaglia Inc. is in the business of dreaming up creative ideas. Then, with its expertise, vision and experience, virtually makes it a reality. They have become a creator of major entertainment and theme park complex developments around the world.

Richard J. Battaglia, formerly a part of the management team at Disney for 11 years, left Disney and founded Battaglia Inc. in 1973, specifically to plan and develop major high quality theme parks and entertainment complexes. He envisioned a company that had the capability to handle every facet of an entertainment mixed use complex usually featuring a major theme park as the focal point. He wanted to build a creative design team that could not only create the project, but develop the master plan and determine the proper size of all facilities, handle the crowd flow forecasted, then oversee the construction and operations implementation to ensure the show value and quality of architecture and operations were developed and maintained.

Today, an ensemble of experts with disciplines that include creative design, master planning, architecture, engineering, coupled with sound operational planning and financial responsibility, form Battaglia Inc. to provide a turnkey service of taking a project from concept to reality to opening day and beyond.

Masterfully blending creative design with operational planning, then matching the goals of the project with the financial needs, Battaglia Inc. creates an atmosphere and a feeling within the design, then complements it with uniquely themed rides and attractions, delightful food facilities, unique merchandise shops and provides for extensive guest services, then locates each component strategically within a masterplanned site for their highest and best use, providing fun, excitement, history, education and laughter for all visitors to enjoy, while maximizing the profit potential of the project.

Battaglia Inc. has turned concepts into reality around the globe - - from California to Korea to Taiwan to the Middle East. Since its founding, Battaglia Inc.’s creative development force has completed a number of very successful themed projects, with another two projects presently under construction.

In Taipei, Taiwan, Battaglia Inc. designed World Adventure at Leofoo Village, a Two Hundred Million Dollar 122-acre (49.4 hectare) theme park, where guests can enjoy the fun and excitement of far-off regions of the world, partake of their unique foods and become immersed in the atmosphere of foreign cultures. Intriguing rides and attractions, as well as unique merchandise and crafts from a variety of eras and locales, have been designed to provide an exciting World Adventure for all to enjoy.

One of Battaglia Inc.'s most interesting projects was the Marine World Africa U.S.A., a wildlife habitat, which features marine life and African land animals at their best, where people young and old can have an opportunity to see, feel, touch and observe many different species of animals in natural settings. Battaglia Inc. was responsible for the overall master plan, theme development, operational master plan, schematic floor plans, facade design, sizing and instantaneous capacity development of this multi-million-dollar project located near San Francisco in Vallejo, California. In its first year of operation attendance projections were exceeded by 40%.

As operations design consultants, Battaglia Inc. conceived a theme park showplace, Entertainment City, for the Middle East in the Arabian country of Kuwait. This 80-Million-Dollar, 124-acre (50.2 hectare) facility features uniquely themed rides and attractions, specialty foods and merchandise shops themed to three adventure motifs: Arab World, Future World and International World.

Battaglia Inc. also master planned EXPO 1986, the World's Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a 1.5 billion dollars, 160-acre (64.8 hectare) international extravaganza. Developing floor plans, unique rides and attractions, delightful food service facilities, unique merchandise shops and quality guest services where every detail was planned and put into practice to provide the optimum in guest satisfaction. This Expo was deemed the most successful World’s Fair in the last 25 years in North America.

Battaglia Inc. also designed and implemented the unprecedented Lotte World in Seoul, Korea, a totally new concept, with entertainment as the driving force, in a major mixed use complex. Battaglia Inc. master planned this totally new approach to the project featuring a 150 million dollar indoor park with an international theme, along with a 100 million dollar outdoor theme park, all custom-designed with dynamic architecture, and unique characters, creating a clean, wholesome, family entertainment environment. Battaglia Inc.'s Lotte World is the world's largest and most successful indoor theme park in the world.

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