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Concept Design

Battaglia Inc. is the master planner and creative designer of Southern City, a Mega Complex providing a new way of life where families live, work and play in a city without cars. This mixed-use development has a Destination Theme Park as the focal point which is surrounded by a major shopping mall, two hotels, apartments, condominiums and a hospital. This One Billion Dollar project, designed on levels, offers an exciting and dynamic adventure for the whole family - - a new lifestyle for the new millennium.

The Sante Science & Technology Plaza, in Wuhan, China, master planned by Battaglia Inc., is a state-of-the-art, 900 Million-Dollar project, with a Phase I, 500 Million Dollar theme park, featuring high tech science and cutting edge technologies, in a family oriented entertainment environment presented in rides and attractions - - a new age lifestyle of creative entertainment, taking you into the 21st Century. Other major elements include a shopping mall, an entertainment village and a major hotel all enclosed in a major domed structure.

In conjunction with the World Adventure at Leofoo Village project in Taipei, Taiwan, Battaglia Inc. is designing the World Adventure Resort Complex at Leofoo Village, a 175-Million-Dollar resort complex, offering a resort hotel, health spa, sports club and water tour gardens. This 62-acre (25.1 hectare) resort provides unique living with wonderful restaurants, specialty shops, fantastic entertainment, and spectacular water fountains set in lush green gardens to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind, world renowned destination resort experience.

In Kobe, Japan, Battaglia Inc. is designing Magical Journeys, a multi-Billion-Dollar theme park planned on over 125 acres (50.6 hectares) of ocean-filled land, which will feature famous bygone cities around the world, recreating the life and time of the era as the guests relive these wondrous times with all the sights and excitement of these enchanted eras. Wonderful cities come to life; such as Rome in the 2nd Century at the height of its Empire, the city of Chang-An, the most magnificent city in the 8th Century, and New Orleans, as music fills the streets with a Mardi Gras celebration of the time. A place where cultures come together as one, exchanging ideas and traditions, sharing their heritages and promoting peace and friendship around the world.

Additionally, Battaglia Inc. is also responsible for the Admiral Cheng Ho Wharf development in Singapore. This unique restaurant, entertainment and boutique shopping concept invites Singaporians and tourists alike to experience a unique eating and shopping experience, while overlooking the South China Sea.

In Hawaii, on the Island of Kauai, Battaglia Inc. concept master planned Movie Expo Spectacular, a 20-Million-Dollar entertainment salute to the many major movies that were shot on the island of Kauai as well as selected Metro Goldwyn Mayer/United Artist feature films.

In New York, Battaglia Inc. has planned a 250-Million-Dollar Coney Island Steeplechase Park, to be built on 23-acres (9.3 hectares) with all the charm, atmosphere and fun of old Coney Island through the use of today's modern technology.

In Texas, Battaglia Inc. planned Cypress Harbor, a 100-Million-Dollar theme park based upon the Cajun life style and their fascinating stories of the past, their music, crafts and the influences they had on America.

In Orlando, Florida, Battaglia Inc. planned Frontier City, a total recreation of an old wild western city; providing a historic review of the fun, excitement and folklore of the Old West. Live shows, dance halls, opera houses, and saloon entertainment set the mood for the fun and gaiety of the night life of the rough and ready western life of years ago. Shops and craftsmen offer goods and merchandise, which highlight the era, while restaurants and specialty food stores offer food delights of the bygone years; to top off the visit, a live gun fight at the O.K. Corral.

Additionally, Battaglia Inc. planned Clontarf River Adventure, in Perth, Australia. This multi-Million-Dollar family-oriented water complex will offer a large wave pool; major body flumes; an inner tube ride down a twisting river adventure; diving pools; a long cable swing; a water island, where family members put on a snorkel and fins and venture into the unknown mysteries of the deep waters, observing a man-made reef with all the color and elements of a real living reef; and a wet and dry children's play area, complete with safe apparatus to propel water high into the air. The site's adjacent to a major river allows catamaran sailing, motor boat running, float boat adventures, and a beach for just plain relaxing.

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